2018 Lenten Mission Offering

Greenwich World Hunger Association


Vamos Adelante (“Let’s Go Forward!”)


This year’s Lenten Mission Offering will focus on Greenwich World Hunger Association’s sponsorship of the Vamos Adelante Project, a NGO providing education, health and nutrition services for residents in the impoverished Esquanta region of Guatemala.  This remote area suffers the symptoms of chronic poverty - widespread illiteracy, malnourishment, parasite-related illnesses, and alcoholism.  Our offering will help Vamos Adelante staff various  health facilities and schools endeavoring  to improve education, hygiene, nutrition and overall physical, as well as emotional well-being. Throughout the Lenten season, we will focus on the projects currently underway.  So please give generously to this offering.  Checks can be made out to NGCC and we will send one donation at the completion of the campaign.