Keyhole garden: Zimbabwe

Keyhole garden: Zimbabwe

Christian Care Zimbabwe

We have been supporting Christian Care Zimbabwe's outreach to the famine-stricken nation.  A three-year drought has destroyed traditionally grown crops and killed essential livestock.  Some 3 million people are currently impacted.

Christian Care Zimbabwe is helping to finance low input “key-hole” gardens in the hardest hit Chipinge district.  One hundred “nutritionally vulnerable” households were selected to participate in this project. Eligibility required family units to have at least one member in the following categories: pregnant and new mothers, families with kids under the age of 5, persons living with HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis, or individuals with disabilities.  Each household receives training and supervision to grow mineral rich vegetables, despite climactic challenges - including temperatures that soar to 113 F.  To date, 75% of the households have been successful in meeting their daily vegetable requirements.  Some have even grown surpluses that are sold at local markets.

Christian Care Zimbabwe is a self-development of people program -  Zimbabweans training fellow Zimbabweans - to promote agricultural sustainability during perhaps the most challenging humanitarian crisis of our time.