2017 Christmas Offering

Hunger In Suburbia


Hunger in suburban America has been rapidly growing.   Even though employment statistics have improved over the past decade, earning a “living wage” remains a challenge.  41.2 million Americans struggle with food insecurity.  This represents a 57% increase since the late ‘90s. 

Suburban hunger in  is often referred to as the “invisible epidemic.”  Without warning… job loss, divorce, medical injury, even death can rip middle class families apart.  Because of shame and a sense of powerlessness, many hide their hunger secret from family, friends and neighbors.  Pocketing food from work and skipping meals in order to stretch supplies are so common today that such practices barely register as a way of coping with hunger.

No one can function properly on a constant diet of microwavable macaroni and cheese mixes.  We need quality protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, especially children.  Resources are available for those who qualify: National School Meal Program, Summer Food Service Program and Food Stamps.  Tragically, government cutbacks in these programs are coming at a time when need is only expanding.  Local Food Pantries, like Neighbor-to-Neighbor, are now essential in responding to this epidemic.

Please give generously to our Christmas Offering.  Checks can be written to NGCC and we will make one donation to Neighbor-to-Neighbor Food Pantry, together, as a Church Family at the conclusion of our campaign.