2017 Christmas Offering


At its meeting last Sunday, the Church Council approved a Mission Offering to be received during the Advent season.   Our local Neighbor-to-Neighbor Food Pantry will be the beneficiary of this collection.

There are dramatic income disparities among the residents of Fairfield Country.  When you add up the cost of food, housing, utilities, clothing, transportation, health care, taxes, modest retirement savings and unexpected emergency costs, too many of our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet.  In order to afford Connecticut’s cost of living, a family with two adults and two children (with both parents working) need to be earning well over $50 an hour.  (The minimum wage in our state is $10.10.)

Even though our Federal Budget exceeds $4 trillion, massive cuts in programs benefiting our nation’s vulnerable populations are underway.  Over the next decade, $193 billion dollars is expected to disappear from the food stamp program, alone. Thread by thread, the social safety net is being unraveled.  425 Connecticut residents (1 in 8) use food stamps.  35% support children.  28% are elderly. We need to wake up … and see the crisis that’s unfolding.

It is also why we desperately need community food pantries like Neighbor-to-Neighbor, who are scrambling to address insecurity amid the shadows of one of America’s most affluent communities.  Please give generously to our Christmas Mission Offering.  Checks can be made out to North Greenwich Congregational Church.  You will receive the appropriate tax information in your quarterly statement.  Then, as a church family, we will make one donation to Neighbor-to-Neighbor.