Northern California Wildfires


“This is one of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy that California has ever faced.  The devastation is just unbelievable.  It is a horror that no one could have ever imagined.”

Governor Jerry Brown

The United Church of Christ recently sent out the following statistics:

15 major wildfires are still raging

41 individuals are confirmed dead

200 people are still missing

40,000 are currently displaced.

3,000 community shelters are operating to house nearly 100,000 evacuees

217,000 acres have been burned

5,700 homes and businesses are reported destroyed

$3 billion dollars is the estimated cost of damages

9,102 FEMA assistance registrations have been filed.

With the help of our OCWM partners, 430 disaster workers are on the scene, serving more than 29,400 meals and providing more than 2,700 mental and health services.

Word has been received that the First Congregational Church of Santa Rosa was not destroyed.  The pastor writes, “It’s still smoky here, but the church is OK.  The major fire damage is only two or three blocks from us.  Unfortunately, 6 families have lost their homes.”  Others in the congregation describe the area as feeling very much like a “war zone.” 


Pray for Northern California