April 3, 2019


Welcome to a beautiful time of year.

Hope the Holy Spirit is teaching us what we need to know this Lent and

working on our hearts and souls. I know mine could use some work.

We welcome Reverend Rawls who will deliver a sermon entitled

“Pouring Out Love” based on the New Testament reading John 12:1-8.

Jesus is visiting Lazarus and Mary and Martha. Martha, of course, served dinner. Mary wiped Jesus’

feet with expensive perfume and her hair. Judas complained about the

cost. Quite the scene.

We were sorry to miss last week and look forward to hearing about the “shoes.”

Reverend Stevenson and her husband Barney expressed their gratitude for our prayers

for their daughter and family. We continue to pray for those on our hearts.

Our Lenten souper supper book discussion will be postponed until Thursday April 11

at 7PM. Our search committee has a work session before the book discussion, and

needs the additional time to fully consider our candidates and next steps. Probably an extra few

days is good to spend with the book Falling Upward....Richard Rohr is a deep thinker.

Greenwich World Hunger will benefit from our Lenten and Easter donations.

Note that Easter offering donations for Easter flowers and dedications may be

made by contacting Gladys. They always bring such spring joy to our sanctuary.