April 25, 2019

Sunrise Service, Greenwich Point

Sunrise Service, Greenwich Point

Easter day started a bit rainy at sunrise service but turned out to be glorious!  He is risen indeed!   

As Reverend Howson preached, mercy and forgiveness are stories we look for in today’s time. Reverend Howson led us through a story of a German POW in Scotland who discovered the Bible and mercy from the people who captured him.  We need to look around and be the resurrection in our everyday life.   

The Catholics celebrate Divine Mercy this Sunday.    Pope John Paul II was able to meet with his would-be assassin and forgive.  The Quaker families who lost their girls to a mass murderer were able to visit the murderer’s widow and comfort her.  As we focus on the truly merciful love of God to offer himself, we are awed by the true mystery and power of the resurrection.  We pray that mercy and gentleness and forgiveness can be a learned response for each of us to have in our jarring world....with our Lord’s help.

We look forward to another rousing service with Reverend Scott this Sunday. This week’s New Testament reading is Matthew 28:1-10.  Matthew’s account of Easter involves a violent earthquake, quaking guards and an angel. The women left quickly to tell the disciples “with fear and great joy.”  Jesus appeared saying,” Do not be afraid” and as they held his feet and worshipped, he gave the instructions to tell the disciples. Reverend Scott’s sermon title is “Resurrection Power.”