Happy Easter

Happy Easter

April 19, 2019

We look forward to being able to respond “He is risen indeed!” with that feeling of renewal in our hearts.

Rev Howson did a beautiful reflection on Palm Sunday, which painted the scene of Holy Week and the events that lead to the crucifixion.  We were then challnged to put ourselves in that scenario and think about what our actions would have been so many years ago.  If we were being honest, we probably would not have been more brave that the disciples cowering in a room.

This week however , we are amazingly reminded of God’s “so loving the world” and the true mercy shown mankind.  The reading this week is John 20:1-18.  We are pleased to welcome back Reverend Howson to lead us in worship on Easter morning.  Her message is entitled “Resurrection?” 

Thanks to all those who gave flowers in celebration of Easter and the NGCC Easter mission offering.

Betty Blackmar – in loving memory of our son, Barry   

Barbara Constandakis – in memory of Vera, Carole, Jack & Barbara

Jeff and Carol Junker  – “in memory of  loved ones”

Phyllis Roitsch – in loving memory of my husband Paul Roitsch

Carolyn and Ron Tyson – For those impacted by dementia  and 

        also in loving memory of Jean and Fred Yunck

Sally Lou McDonald

The Vassallo family