March 2, 2019

NGCC Update March 2, 2019

We are still working on the Love your Enemies message. Both love and enemies are such strong words. I would like to think I do not have enemies actively wishing me harm, but there are people who have hurt, betrayed, upset, or just plain ignored me. If I'm supposed to love my enemies, I guess I am supposed to love these people a little more. Getting there is requiring more prayer time to figure out how that is going to work. We pray that this season of Lent brings all of us new insights and gentler hearts.

This week we continue to pray for Jeff’s colleague’s son and Nancy’s student.

Rev Scott returns to the pulpit this week (bio below). The New Testament reading is from Matthew 27:1-14. It speaks of the betrayal of Jesus. The title of Rev Scott's sermon is "The Choice."

The Loves are so sorry to be missing RevScott and his dynamic delivery.

Our thanks to Jim Dugan who will be our lay worship leader this communion Sunday

All good blessings as we begin the special season of Lent.

Souper Lenten Book Study begins this Thursday March 7th at 7pm. The first book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Easy read, but no need to read to join and enjoy the discussion.

Rev. Prof. John Henry Scott III, Esq. is Pastor of Jesus Stands for Love and Justice Ministries, Inc., New Haven, CT and is a tenured Full Professor of Business at Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT. Rev. Prof. Scott is a graduate of Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, N.Y., a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Harvard University School of Divinity, and Hofstra University School of Law.

He is a recipient of the prestigious United States Small Business Administration 2005 Minority Small Business Champion Award for the entire state of Connecticut and all of New England, recipient of 2007 Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the Community-Technical College Merit Recognition Award, recipient of the 2011 GCC Faculty of the Year Award, member of GCC Academic Standards Committee, GCC Business Pre-Law Advisor, member of Gateway to Excellence, board member of South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority Watershed Fund, member of New Haven Bar Association, member of

National Business Education Association, member of International Society for Business Education, former member of the State of Connecticut Racial and Ethnic Disparity Commission in the Criminal Justice System, former Lyndon B. Johnson Congressional Scholarship Intern, former United States Senate Intern, Eagle Scout, and etc.

Rev. Prof. Scott is President and CEO of Wellness and Living the American Dream, Inc. He is a sought after motivational lecturer whose focus is for the hearer to live the American Dream.

Rev. Prof. Scott has been married to Mrs. Dawn E. Scott, Esq. for over 35 years. His wife is the first African American President in the history of the Connecticut

Women United Church of Christ. They have two sons—John IV and Julian, and a grandson-Jaiden.