From the Backcountry ...


February 7, 2019

...just as a reminder that its still winter.   

Last Sunday, we received Diane Stevenson as our preacher.  She tackled the tough lesson of Jesus not performing very many miracles in his home town.  Reverend Stevenson outlined the concept that we too should not just focus on our own and presumably those like us. We need to find our strength in the closeness of one another and then GO OUT to do God’s work.  

Our very special prayers go out to Reverend Stevenson and her family.  She mentioned in her prayers that her daughter was in a Copenhagen hospital with a high risk pregnancy. 

This week we welcome the Rev. Carol Rawls. The New Testament Reading is Luke 5:1-11.  Her sermon is entitiled “Call to Commitment” reflecting on the story of Jesus calling his disciples, Simon Peter, James and John.  Jesus instructed them where to put their nets for an “amazing“ catch, and then....

”... they left everything and followed him.  ”

Our thanks to Sally Lou McDonald our worship leader this Sunday.

Rev. Rawls is a retired Minister in the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ). She and her husband John live in Redding, Connecticut. They are blessed with 4 adult children and five grandchildren. Carol’s passions include family, Social Justice, Spirituality and Nature.