From the Backcountry 8-17-17

North Greenwich Congregational Church

Pastor’s Weekly Update

August 17, 2017

  August Kaleidoscope of fruit and vegetables donated to Lower Fairfield County Food Bank this week

August Kaleidoscope of fruit and vegetables donated to Lower Fairfield County Food Bank this week

From the Backcountry …

“…And the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

We all know that living with a lie brings a lot of sweat and torment.  This is because a lie requires so much effort to sustain.  Truth, on the other hand, exists without our needing to do, or remember a thing - like the moon shining in the night.   My grandmother was fond of saying, “Truth will out.”  Sooner or later, truth surfaces.  And when it does, it changes us for better… or for worse.

Choose truth.  It’s always a better traveling companion.


Sunday, August 20    Morning Worship   10:30 a.m.

Lectionary Readings:  Psalm 67;  Matthew 15: 21-28

Text:  Yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”  Matthew 15:27

Sermon:   “Dog Days”

Synopsis:  It may be one of the most disturbing (and, at the same time reassuring ) passages in all of scripture.  Jesus doesn’t always get it right!!  We catch him snubbing, and even making disparaging comments to a foreigner … an outsider.   As painful as it is to witness this encounter with the Canaanite woman, she is quick to point out the error of his Way - whereupon Jesus’ makes a 180 degree attitude adjustment.  Fact is - we don’t always get it right.  Would that we could turn as quickly on that shiny dime in the middle of our Way.



Among the racial and homophobic epithets hurled at the White Nationalist rallies this past weekend was: “Blood and Soil.”  This phrase first appeared within a 19th century European agrarian movement determined to take certain countries “back” from what was perceived as a growing, decadent, urban elite.   It was later adopted into the Fascist lexicon of Hitler’s Third Reich.  “Blood and Soil” would come to promote the control of certain territory (soil) by a certain race (blood.)

We see “blood and soil” ideology popping up in today’s political discourse, not only when privileged, young men chant it in the street, but when a White House spokesperson accuses a journalist of being “too “cosmopolitan,” or when an elected official rants that our “heritage and culture” are under siege.

We no longer have to wonder whether there is a White Nationalist agenda underfoot in American society.  It is staring us in the face.  Rarely does our nation face such moments of moral clarity.  There is no room for equivocation.  As Americans, but more importantly as Christians, this “Blood and Soil” agenda must be denounced and repudiated.

Pray for Peace,


Road Rules:   “Be happy in the moment.  That’s enough.  Each moment is all we need.  Nothing more.”   Mother Teresa