From the Backcountry 8-11-17

North Greenwich Congregational Church

Pastor’s Weekly Update

August 11, 2017

 Morning, Glory!

Morning, Glory!

  From the Backcountry …

 “The first and noblest of all victories is to conquer self.”   Plato

 We’re told that our worst enemy is usually the one “within” - that tiny voice in our head telling us not to apologize, not to make peace.    No matter what happens to us, our internal detractor easily convinces us that everyone else is to blame and that they should be the ones begging our forgiveness!  Unfortunately, this discourse starts feeding on itself, becoming more and more acerbic.

 Acknowledging that we engage in such “devilish” banter is a step in a better direction.  Restoring peace with ourselves and others, however, requires a much longer journey, casting all aspersions to the wind … and bringing this interminable conversation to an end.

 Sunday, August 13   Morning Worship10:30 a.m.

 Lectionary Readings:  Psalm 85; Matthew 14: 22-33

 Sermon:   “Rock the Boat”

 Synopsis:  The Gospel of Matthew was written when the early church faced raging storms of persecution.  The early Church was like a boat battered by waves of violence.  The story of Jesus walking on those troubled waters was intended to comfort and encourage followers to take heart and not be afraid.  Its message continues to provide reassurance to any looking for the courage and faith to rise above limitations and become the people God intends us to be!


 Join us after the Service for our final summer barbeque!   Hamburgers. hotdogs and beverages will be provided.   Please bring a salad, or side dish to share. 


2017 Henry Green Scholarship Recipient

Third in a series of four articles introducing this year’s scholarship recipients.

 Noelle Love

 In her scholarship application essay, Noelle remembers “thriving” during her high school days. Whether playing on the lacrosse fields, or ordering pizza, she was comfortable and confident withdaily life in Armonk.  As she enters her junior year at Boston College, she now finds herself in many new and unfamiliar situations: heading to interviews in Manhattan, joining new clubs on campus, securing an internship for the fall semester.  She is learning the importance of preparation and remaining “confident and curious” in all new places, as well.  Being open-minded, allows Noelle to meet interesting people, seek out once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that push her to grow more independent.  This summer, she has been living in a cabin in Alaska without running water while working for an adventure company!  This fall, she will be studying in Geneva, Switzerland and interning for an international, non-profit organization that focuses on global economic development.

 The past academic year has also been a time of spiritual growth for Noelle.  She continues to actively participate in Kairos, a campus religious group that gives her opportunity to reflect on life both at college and beyond.  This past December, Noelle participated in a retreat designed to see the many ways God acts in our lives. She writes, “Since going to Kairos, I have been more receptive and aware of the tremendous amount of love with which I have been blessed: in my family, my friendships, and my opportunities … I am more receptive and aware of the presence of God’s love and I can trust, even in the unknown.”  Noelle is committed to putting that love into action, by living each day in the same love and kindness of which she is continually mindful.  She concludes, “Having trust in God’s plan for me encourages me to step outside my comfort zone…  I look forward to more personal growth as I continue to try new things, meet new people, and travel to new places.” Well done, Noelle.  

Our love and best wishes go with you to Geneva!!!

To unpathed waters, undreamed shores!  (William Shakespeare – A Winter’s Tale)