June 10

Jesus' family.jpg

Sunday, June 10   Morning Worship and Annual Church Picnic!!

2018-19 Henry Green Scholarships will also be awarded.

 Lectionary Readings:  Psalm 138; Mark 3: 20-35

Text:   “And he replied, “Who are my mother and my brothers?”   Mark 3:33

Sermon:  “Family Ties”

Tease:   Apparently, members of Jesus’ own family are well aware of the dangers surrounding their loved one.  And so, they journey to Capernaum intent on convincing him to abandon what they believe to be an ill-fated mission.  They fear Jesus is losing his mind and only a forced intervention will protect him from the religious authorities.  It’s quite a dramatic moment.  With his own kin standing on the door step, Jesus decides to redesign the contours of the “biological” family, in order to create what one of my favorite authors likes to call his “logical” family.

Annual Church Picnic 

Following Church Service - 11:30 AM

Continuing our long-standing tradition, we will join together for our annual picnic, immediately after worship THIS Sunday.  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and beverages will be provided.