Sunday, November 5

 Reproving The Pharisees by James Tissot

Reproving The Pharisees by James Tissot

Holy Communion   10:30 am.

Lectionary Readings:   Psalm 43;  Matthew 23: 1-12

Text:   “…but do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they  teach.”

Sermon:  “Hypocritic Oath” 

Tease:   We love to castigate hypocrisy!  Catching prominent leaders not living up to their principles is an American sport.  The unfortunate result of these feeding frenzies is a general reluctance to commit to any kind of principles, for fear that others may accuse us of being a “phony”.  As Jesus once again takes on the Pharisees, we may just conclude that hypocrisy is the risk we all take every time we try to commit ourselves to doing something good.