Healthy Habitat Habits

Three months into our sixth season in the Teaching Garden is a good time to remind ourselves that - in addition to delivering fresh  produce to local food banks – our “Healthy Habitat” initiative is an opportunity to become more aware of and involved in environmental issues.   Whether we make special efforts to recycle more, drive our car less, or simply learn about the effects of climate change, we show our commitment to honor the natural world that truly supports our daily living.

Another healthy habitat habit is for us to stay close to nature, whether hiking in the woods at least once a month, building a birdhouse, replanting trees, or helping tend the Teaching Garden.  And don’t forget (especially during the summer months) staying connected to religious and spiritual traditions promote growth in our connection to the created order.

Our Teaching Garden also challenges us to take a look at the food we eat.  The alarming growth of health concerns suggests that it might be better for us to eat a bit more like our ancestors. Increasing the amount and kind of fresh vegetables we eat and consuming less sugar will make dramatic improvements in our own health.