November 7

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Tuesday Treasure  -   The Radish

Even though radishes probably originated in northern China, historical record indicates that they have been cultivated around the globe for millennia.  Those who built the ancient Pyramids of Egypt are said to have been paid in radishes.  Ancient Greeks used radishes for their medicinal value.  The Roman admiral, Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.) wrote of the healing oil that can be extracted from radish seeds.

Radish is from the Latin, meaning root.   The beer halls of Bavaria still use the term, “radi,” which are served with their renown veal sausages, sweet mustard and (of course) “liquid” bread – or craft bier.  In fact, Bavarians stoutly contend that a steady diet of beer and salted radishes keep them in good health throughout the long winter months.  And why not?  Radishes contain enough vitamin C to ward off colds and scurvy.  Zum Wohl!