Thursday in the Naturehood

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His Eye is On the Sparrow!!

Many sparrows frequent the Teaching Garden and environs – particularly in the winter months – looking for ragweed, crabgrass and various stray seeds.  This White-Throated Sparrow was seen foraging the nearby hedgerow.

There are many references to sparrows in the Bible.  Because they are a noisy and social bird, the “lone” sparrow  became a symbol of  deep loneliness. ( Psalm 102)   Sparrows were allowed to build their messy nests in the eaves of the Temple, because the “insignificant” birds were sold to the poor for ritual purposes. (Leviticus 14)  In fact, if you bought four sparrows at a copper coin a piece, the money changer would throw one more in for free!  It was this “extra” sparrow that prompted Jesus’ teaching that God’s care for the created order is so great that even the tiniest sparrow is noted and observed.  (Luke 12)