Thursday in the Naturehood

Winterwren 010.JPG

Winter Wrens

I caught my first glimpse of a winter wren this week.  They are certainly active little birds, so it’s difficult to get them to pose for a photo.  While most songbirds migrate south in winter when insects are scarce, winter wrens will stick it out.  They are also known as “cutty” wrens, because of their short, stubby tails.  Once the snow flies, winter wrens will retreat to holes close to the ground, in masonry, or wood.   Their short tails enable them to fit into teeny, tiny spaces.  We’ll see them occasionally darting in and out of our stone walls.  They don’t stay put, often flitting from place to place.  It is said that they inspired the expression, “home is where the heart is.”  They are very sociable, often sharing their space and huddling together for warmth during cold spells.