January 28

Scott Warren


We are inspired by the work of Scott Warren, a young Arizona State University professor.  Scott is also a humanitarian worker with the relief organization, “No More Deaths.”  He and his colleagues maintain food and water stations in the remote Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge – a 55  mile expanse of Sonoran Desert where the bodies of 32 “border crossers” were recovered just this past year. 

Scott was recently arrested by authorities and charged with “harboring” migrants.”  If convicted, he could face five years in prison.  The arrest comes on the heels of a “No More Deaths” report chronicling U.S. Border Patrol  and U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents destroying these food and water stations.   Cabeza Prieta is known as “the Devil’s Highway.” Summer temperatures in this corridor soar above 115 degrees.  Winter nights dip to hypothermia levels.  Once an individual sets out on this path, there is no way out, no water, no rescue teams.

Scott is described as a “lanky, soft spoken young man.”  Fellow workers say he is “inextricably" calm and that whenever everything around them  spirals into chaos, they need only look to Scott for reassurance that in “some way... everything is going to be just fine.”  Even with his pending trial, Scott Warren remains in good spirits.  His conscience is clear. “I put water and food in the desert where people will die without it… I know that I’m doing the right thing.”

If we’re looking for a modern-day  Good Samaritan, we need look no further than Scott Warren. Well done, mate.

Source   HuffPost.com