January 2

BElieve in THE GOOD

This is the story of three crocheting bus drivers!!   Whether you are old, or young, the world can be cold and scary.  These three women help make it a whole lot warmer – literally and figuratively. 

Sara Lopez of Romeoville, Illinois has been picking up and dropping off students for sixteen years.   There is always a bag of yarn hanging behind her seat, because she crochets between her runs.  So, she decided to make a knit hat and scarf for each child on her bus.  But, these are not your grandmother’s woolies!!  Each creation reflects the unique personality of the student by portraying their favorite character.  Thus far, she has crocheted Minions, Spidermen, Superwomen, Smurfs and – of course - a number of Sponge Bob Squarepants.   Her creations are amazing.  When asked why she goes the extra mile, Sara responds, “If I can put a smile on a kids face each day, I feel that I’m doing my job.” 

Lettie Nash drives a school bus in Norwalk, CT.   As she was crocheting a blanket, one of her passengers asked if she would knit her a “fuzzy” hat.   Once the little girl was showing off what “Miss Lettie made her,” all the kids wanted a hat.    Lettie can crank out four hats a day.  It wasn’t long before all of her charges were sporting a Miss Lettie creation in a rainbow of colors.

And, then, there’s Trudy Serres of  Waukesa, Wisconsin!!  Trudy crochets, as well…but confesses that she’s bored with the “hat and scarf” thing.  She actually “sculpts” with yarn.  It all started when a a kid challenged her to make him a taco - his favorite food!!  Two days later, Trudy served him the taco ( without tabasco sauce, of course.)  She describes the boy’s eyes as “big as saucers” … as he exclaimed, “That is SO cool!!”  Needless to say, Trudy receives numerous challenges.  So far, she has crocheted  ice cream cones, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, footballs, unicorns, Darth Vader, and hockey players.   “When kids receive toys,” she says, “They play with them for a few days and move on.  Moms tell me their children actually sleep with my little toys.”

We don’t always appreciate that the first school staff members a child gets to know and trust is the school bus driver.  These dedicated individuals often make a real difference in a child’s sense of well-being.  And, how many of us can say at the end of  the work day, “If I put a smile on a kids face, I did my job?”