September 24

Sister Margaret Ann


Sister Margaret Ann, Principal of the Archbishop Carroll High School in West Miami, became a media sensation after Hurricane Irma tore through southern Florida.  As residents waited impatiently for Miami-Dade work crews to clear downed trees blocking access roads to their neighborhood, Sister Margaret Ann took matters into her own hand.  Obtaining a chainsaw and reading the instruction manual on-line, Sister hit the streets to get the job done.  

When police officers cautioned Sister Margaret Ann that crews would be sent to take care of the dangerous work, she said, “Look, east and west access is completely blocked off.  This is a matter of public safety!" Onlookers stood agog.  Temperatures soared over 100 degrees.  “I was sweating in shorts and a t-shirt,” someone remarked, “She was wearing a full habit and veil!”  It wasn’t long before others began helping and together they created enough space to allow cars to get in and out of the neighborhood.

Once video footage surfaced on-line, T.V. crews descended onto the scene to interview their new celebrity.  Sister Margaret Ann shrugged off the attention.  “We had a dangerous situation on our hands and I wanted to help.   If you can do something, don’t wait for someone else to do it!"