December 5

 Charlie K. (right) and reporter from local T.V. affiliate

Charlie K. (right) and reporter from local T.V. affiliate

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Meet Charlie K.   Early on “Black” Friday, he and his son decided to do some Christmas shopping - but not for themselves, or anyone they know.  They drove to a local Toys R’ Us in Cherry Hill, NJ, intent on giving dozens of families in their area a big holiday surprise.  Presenting themselves at the customer service desk, they paid-in-full orders that shoppers put on lay-away.  Before their shopping spree was over, Charlie and son paid for 62 orders, totaling $10,780!!   “I had wanted to pay them all off," he confessed, “But I couldn’t afford it.” When asked why he’s feeling so generous, Charlie K. indicated that he’s simply giving back.  “I’m trying to bring happiness to a community that brings so much happiness to me and my family,” he said.   One woman heard about his kind deed on T.V. and immediately went to the store to see if she was among the lucky recipients.  Sure enough, she went home that day with the seven Christmas presents she had been planning to give her grandchildren.

But, Charlie wasn’t quite finished yet (and this part had to have been a blast! )  A voice came over the P.A. system instructing shoppers to stop what they were doing, pick out three toys and bring them to the customer service desk.  Charlie, A.K.A Secret Santa, was going to pay for all these toys as well, and donate them to Toys for Tots - a charity run by the U.S. Marine Corps reserve to provide gifts for kids whose parents can’t afford them. When this second shopping spree was over, Charlie was writing another check for $2.000.

What am amazing haul!!  And what an amazing inspiration to us about the Spirit of Giving!   Surely we can now say, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”