November 6

 Joseph Magnum and Mark Lamoureux

Joseph Magnum and Mark Lamoureux


Believe There Is Good

We are inspired this week by Joseph Magnum, owner of a solar energy business in West Brattleboro, Vermont.   Joseph recently started a “Go-Fund-Me” campaign to raise funds for water pump purifiers that can be connected to solar generators in order to bring fresh water to villages in the hardest hit areas of hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico.   His wife, Rose Marie, is of Puerto Rican descent with connections to the “forgotten ones,” rural Islanders who are completely cut off from society because roads and bridges were destroyed by the series of storms in September.  

Joseph left on October 27 with his friend Mark Lamoureux of Keen N.H. with enough supplies for five solar power systems with back-up generators.   They will also be installing two water purifiers.  Each system can deliver energy at $1 per watt - well below any current offer.  The first system was installed in a local handyman’s workshop so that power tools can be operated for essential repair work.  The other four systems will be installed in local shelters so that air conditioners can bring relief to evacuees.  The energy will also be used to power cell phones with WIFI connection to satellite systems, thereby restoring essential life-lines for daily needs.

Before leaving Vermont, Joseph said, “We are going into the mountains in the center of the Island, where the going will be tough.  We are prepared for on-the-fly decision making.  We’ll be on an island that is totally dark, with no safe water to drink and limited windows for email.  People are scared.  The mental anguish will be hard.  Seeing the devastating losses will hurt us, and the island that I love and know as ‘Borinquen’ (land of the valiant lord) will have to be accepted as totally wiped.” 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joseph Magnum and all who are dedicated to getting the Land of the Valiant Lord back on its feet.