We are a small and vibrant church family located in Greenwich’s serene backcountry.

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Established in 1827, NGCC has enjoyed a long and colorful history meeting the spiritual needs of its members and friends, while maintaining a strong commitment to community service and outreach, both locally and globally.

We are a warm and caring congregation, with members and friends living throughout the Greenwich and Stamford area, as well as Armonk and Westchester County, NY.

While traditional in style, we are not set in our ways.  We firmly believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ opens doors to new ways of understanding and celebrating the nature of God, ourselves, and the world around us.  

Coming from varying backgrounds and traditions, we wholeheartedly endorse the mission of the United Church of Christ that “we may all be one.”  We are a welcoming congregation, committed to openness, diversity and respect for sisters and brothers of all faith traditions.